Here comes a taster with 5 songs from the album Its Time To Rock the World Again

Glitter and blood- Dressed to Kill- World and times- Sign of the times- Terminator

The Golden Management team

You can now pre-order my new book 📕

Everything starts from the inside out.
"In the Base of My Heart"

Maybe a gift card for Christmas!!!

The book will be released in February 2023 via the book publisher

The book with roots from the past in my life and thoughts for the future also includes music from the past.
The first 50 books come with a bonus with my solo album "Set Me Free" from 2007, the same year I stopped playing with Hammerfall.
This decision why I left the band is also included in the book.

For ordering and more information about the book, follow the link:

Cover photo: Jerry Lövberg

Love Peace Understanding