My Book

Some thoughts about my book: The bass in my heart from, among others, the guitar legend from ABBA Janne Schaffer:This is a nice sincere honest book. You get to experience his travels around the world and his generosity. Magnus Has a big heart with the base in the center Erik Blix radio, television journalist and…

Premiär flyttad

Vi kommer att ställa in vår premiär med Magnus Rosén Band 27 okt 2023 p.g.a mycket allvarligt sjukdom ang en i vårt Team! Framflyttat till 9 mars 2024 på Food Street Market i Lunbystrand GöteborgBiljetter kommer så klart att återköpas eller bara ändra datum eller köpas påTicket Master!!! Alla i vårt Team ang premiären hoppas på…

Stay Free with M.R.B

Stay Free!!! Our new band T shirt with M.R.BStay Free!!!It’s time to rock the world again. If you are interested in buying such a T-shirt, just contact me. Soon the Jackets will also be available for purchase with your own name clearly visible on the arm. Concert with M.R.B takes place on 27 Oct at…

Are you ready beautiful People!!!!

AI – wrote this

The first time an intelligence that is not a human has written about me! Tompa Thelin asked AI – ”artificial intelligence” to make a poem about me, then it turned out like this for better or for worse! With fingers nimble and bass in hand, Magnus Rosen takes the stage and commands, The rhythm section,…

New T – Shirt

GREAT reviews on our new album

Incredible!!!! yiiiiiieeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The flag is raised for even new top reviews 4.5 out of 5 points from England !!! Our mini album with M.R.B – Outside the Rockbox. This Mini Album is also instrumental!!! Hats off to me🙌🤠 I never expected so many incredibly nice top reviews for our 2 albums: Its Time to Rock…

Föreläsning med Magnus Rosén

Hjärtligt välkommen till Mimershus i Kungälv den 1 September kl 18.00. En nyskriven bok och 3 skivor 2023 med Magnus Rosén Fri entré! Hörsal 2 Mimers kulturhus. OBS! Begränsat antal platser.  Att vara aktuell med 3 skivor samt en bok på ett halvår kräver ett fokuserat arbetssätt. Magnus Rosén Fd Hammerfall basisten som tog ett…


Top review!!!

Yiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!! Another top review from beautiful Italy ”All Around Metal” M.R.B with the album: Its Time To Rock the World Again!!!! 4 points out of 5 points! See link:,-bassista-e-musicista-dall-indubbio-talento Sample of our album: Glitter and Blood: Sign of the Times: New video out soon titled Terminator! Photo Gabriel Henningson Magnus. Love Peace Understanding…

Its time to Rock the world again!!!!

Another great review!!!!! Yiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!This time from beautiful Italy!!!!!!!! Our album: Its time to Rock the world again – got 4 points out of 5 by: All round So many great reviews we got from different countries with this album, it’s absolutely fantastic.The album stretches widely through rock music to pay tribute to bands, artists…

Here comes a taster with 5 songs from the album Its Time To Rock the World Again

Glitter and blood- Dressed to Kill- World and times- Sign of the times- Terminator

The Golden Management team

You can now pre-order my new book 📕

Everything starts from the inside out.
"In the Base of My Heart"

Maybe a gift card for Christmas!!!

The book will be released in February 2023 via the book publisher

The book with roots from the past in my life and thoughts for the future also includes music from the past.
The first 50 books come with a bonus with my solo album "Set Me Free" from 2007, the same year I stopped playing with Hammerfall.
This decision why I left the band is also included in the book.

For ordering and more information about the book, follow the link:

Cover photo: Jerry Lövberg

Love Peace Understanding