10 points out of 10


10 points out of 10 for our new instrumental album ”Outside the Rockbox” with M.R.B

By German rock magazine Fernia Street team Berlin

It’s really fun as I didn’t expect reviews like this.

Do not make music for commercial use but only follow the inner musical adventures and then make an impression on an album like in this case ”Outside the Rockbox” together with other awesome musicians!!!

MAGNUS ROSEN BAND – Outside the Rockbox


von Fenria » Sa 27. Mai 2023, 09:23

MAGNUS ROSEN BAND – Outside the Rockbox

Label : X World – Sound Pollution

Release Date : 26.05.2023

Genre : Hard Rock / Rock / Classic Rock

Rezension by Fenria Streetteam Berlin

He plucked the four-string at Hammerfall for ten years. From 1997 to 2007 he was one of the co-founders of the Swedish hard rock formation. He himself writes that he is more than grateful to the band for everything he was able to experience. We’re talking about Magnus Rosen. Ex-bass player from, yes, Hammerfall. The same Magnus Rosen is now back with his own project, simply called Magnus Rosen Band. What will he play? A question that almost everyone can answer themselves. Of course it will be pop music…. Ha, Ha, Ha, no joking aside. Of course it’s rock music. But Magnus doesn’t just limit himself to hard rock or heavy metal. Now the second prank follows directly after the debut. With Outside the Rockbox, Magnus Rosen presents an instrumental album, which is completely dedicated to the classics of rock, in collaboration with the most diverse musicians, all of whom are true geniuses in their field. The musicians of the Magnus Rosenband, accompanied by rock guitarist Jonas Hansson from Silver Mountain and the famous concert pianist George Keczan, combine rock and metal classics in six distinctive songs, each of which stands for itself. So you will quickly hear passages from hits Metallica, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and countless other artists in the songs. That alone is a hell of a lot of fun and invites you to guess where the passage you just heard came from. The incredibly talented artists string it all together to create a mini-album that never loses its appeal to listen to. Cool idea, cool musicians and a damn cool album that you shouldn’t miss. 10 out of 10 points here.

Trackliste : 

01. Terminator

02. Glory Days

03. Ack vermland du Sköna

04. Automatic Diferent

05. Polka Säkkijärven Karelian-Finnish Polka

06. Visa Fron Utanmyra

Magnus Rosen Band are :

Magnus Rosen – Bass

Raphael Mattos – Guitar

Zanny Gram – Vocals

Fabio Buitvidas Guitar

Mikael Erlandsson – Keys

Musicians featured on the album include:

Jonas Hansson – Guitar

George Keczan – Piano

Smakprov: https://youtu.be/FKK_BQBu26s

P.s Albumet ” Outside the Rockbox ” finns att beställa på Sound Pollution https://www.soundpollution.se/en/produkt/outside-the-rock-box/

Foto Gabriel Henningson !!!

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