Blog 8

” The Tree  Of Life Tour ” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

Hot so I’m next running away at the breakfast table in Manaus the Kingdom of the Rainforest.😉.

Just kidding, but the day has started and many thoughts go through my head from the grassroots level to the people who rule our world 🌎!

We must never forget that our soul does not become bigger or smaller because of power or poverty in our world.

The light of a soul as I see it depends only on our love for others and what choices we make in life.dark or light choices!

My thoughts this day are on topics like peace, education and injustice.

An interesting thought is how a peacekeeping union like the UN is located in the most belligerent country on our earth with the largest arms export

at the same time they say that the message is to protect peace (protect peace with weapons, death and business in the shadows. It is difficult to understand if you are protecting the human being on mother earth with this approach.

The UN which is said to be a democracy has 5 countries that have a veto, is it a democracy? Yes, you sometimes wonder what is what?

So the question must be asked in order to have the opportunity to understand?!

Who knows, maybe there will be a new vision to build a new union where all countries get a couple of representatives regardless of the size of the countries. Yes, you are talking about peace, you say, then the size of the countries should not be decisive if an idea is better or worse when it comes to this subject.

No country can have a veto in a democracy.

And that the countries should have an obligation to deal with problems without killing other people with weapons. Here one might think that a strong boundary should be drawn.

To make visible who solves problems with weapons and who handles problems with the preservation of life and nature as a starting point.

Such a clear visibility would certainly have played a role as it might automatically become the case that one boycotts the countries that take the lives of the earth’s citizens. And supports countries that stand for human rights.

Imagine if the new UN 🇺🇳 was located in a country that cherishes Peace.

Perhaps Costa Rica has chosen not to have a military, but in other words to solve its problems without weapons. So a UN 🇺🇳 headquarters would have been on the right and peaceful ground, even with symbolic significance.

80% of the earth’s resources are used by 20% of the earth’s population

Yet they develop weapons that are about death and abuse of power.

This equation is difficult to understand.

The city of Manaus along the Amazon River in the middle of the rainforests wraps its arms around you with its sultry humid heat.

Being able to reflect one’s feelings towards this primeval forest and calm the world is incredibly inspiring.

So curious about what thoughts and feelings this stay will bring!

Today we will meet some people who will help us film in the Amazon jungles. We will also plan the days here this morning in the hotel lobby.

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍

Love Peace Understanding

Questions give knowledge

Free Speech is given a Free World


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Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross