Blog 16 – The Tree Of Life Tour in Brazil

Blog 16

”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

The sound volume was turned up sharply and with a jerk our flight from Salvador to Fortaleza started!

Now the sparkling sea is behind us.
Yesterday’s concert with ”The Tree Of Life tour”
Was much appreciated.
The audience this time was quite sophisticated with government representatives, lawyers, art dealers and keys to the absolute celebrity world of Brazil.

The ocean lay open before me, the bass in my hands with the crowd’s backs against the horizon.
The Swedish folk music, mixed with Rock, Fusion, Classical music and Dance Music was my program.

I really feel our message with
”The Tree of Life” mixed with my somewhat broad repertoire is received with applause and whistles.

Making music with messages for a better world feels very stimulating but also urgent.
Using the culture which in my case is the music where we create a key.
An illumination of the work that Bengt Carlsson has worked on for the last 30 years, including an Ambassadorship for Cetra for a number of years.

This combination is truly a winning concept – culture and humanism!

There was also a long interview after the concert with a journalist who had done his research.
The questions were both very personal and also clothed in my thoughts and musings.

A little later we said goodbye to Raimundo and thanked for the days in both Brasilia and Salvador. Raimundo flew along to Salvador where he grew up. We also had several opportunities to meet his beautiful mother Gloria, whom I mentioned in the previous blog no. 15

The taxi was waiting outside the concert venue that took us to the hotel.
Since it wasn’t too late, it was a cold beer by the sea a stone’s throw from the hotel.
We summed up these 2 last days in the capital of rhythm, drums and music.

Salvador is a coastal city with approximately 3 million inhabitants. The class differences are very clear here between the farewells and the tall modern skyscrapers. It’s almost surreal to see how big the differences are.
They say that the wounds from the slave trade have not really healed even though several hundred years have passed.

Sitting and writing the blog on the plane and looking out at the clouds.
So many impressions and inspiring thoughts during these 3 weeks that the trip took place.
The gratitude is great to have the opportunity to use the music and at the same time realize the desire to illuminate our world 🌎.

A little later, when we have landed, we will drive about 15 miles towards a town called Itapicoca.
A meeting regarding
“The Tree Of Life Tour” will take place as well as a much anticipated dinner.

I also think that a Metal fan who contacted me via Instagram will be there at the airport to hand over some kind of gift. 👀 👉🤘

Tomorrow will be a return trip to Fortaleza and is the day before returning home to the northern part of our world 🌍

I believe Peace is a Human Right. If you can’t find a Peaceful solution then it’s the wrong people round the table!!! That’s what I believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love, Peace & Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free World

Magnus Rosén

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