Blog 4 The tree of life tour

Blog 4
”The tree if life tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

On the way to a small farm far out in the country where the dry brown-red roads wind like a labyrinth in this landscape.
Playing in a kitchen for people who may not directly go to a concert feels both inspiring and exciting.

My thoughts and feelings try to understand the lure of power perfection, which is bordered by disgust, hatred and oppression.
To which quality in its own being can be satisfied.
Perhaps the enchantment of the glimmer of dead things that many admire!
Do we admire the fortunes of others because we want a piece of the pie, or because we think we are elevated by hanging out with people who worship the dead things instead of the magic of life.
Admiring wisdom and wisdom that provides the opportunity for puzzle pieces in the puzzle of life and waters the inner plant to understanding.

I myself believe in new values and norms that enrich and give off goodness, justice and light. To be inspired and feel desire, understanding and harmony in the face of life, instead of affirming what diminishes oneself where egoism has its seat.

Having a light balance in the mind is probably the most valuable thing we can possess.
Life itself is the greatest wealth.
If we can keep our health bubbling and our conscience clear, we free ourselves through a pride in oneself with respect for others.

This is beautifully admirable and healthy as I see it.

Our warlike world exists, although no ordinary sane person wants war, yet it is there!
We are fed news without question and filled with disgust and the modern word retribution.
To suppress and blame without even understanding is probably the smallness of man.

War never favors the little man, but war is justified by fear and blame.
Whoever starts a war doesn’t care about life, whether you are a countryman or not.
One kills to strengthen one’s own power.
The adversary retaliates and in turn kills innocent people and also puts his countrymen at the front to kill or die.
War is death which is controlled by forces and enticements from the 2 dark horns in the forehead
Symbolically speaking!

Do we not see that the only possibility is peace and only peace as a solution.
Retribution belongs to the justification of darkness that creates more death than life!

These thoughts come when I see the injustices along the side of the road. The very dry nature that cries out for water and the squishy roads that wind their way.
Life is not fair but man can make it fairer through actions that do not always have to be justified by Mammon but by consideration, understanding and love.

Today we are on our way far out into the dry nowhere. The road is gravel and sand in a reddish-brown shade. I feel so curious here in the drought where the road shows us. Mario is driving, today I am sitting in the front seat and Bengt in the back seat.
We have bought a box of water bottles.
Yes, if we stop here, the water is a golden commodity!

The farm grows organically, rainwater is collected in tanks buried in the ground. Composting stations that are converted into
Biogas for the stove and the moped.
The genetically engineered and vitamin-poor crop stays far away from these regions.
With these devices, you create the conditions for survival with an ecological mindset where Mammon has not taken root. Without man, mother earth, care, understanding, love and gratitude for what the day offers through water, bread and cooked food.

In these areas, a little money from the richer part of the world could create life in an ecological spirit.
Instead of weapons, fear and death in the power struggle between the dark souls where we ordinary people are exploited and seduced. I’m starting to think questioning has disappeared from our vocabulary.

Tonight we are invited to a large venue with live music. There we will take the opportunity to tell you about our mission together with some bass notes from my side.
Using the instrument in this way has been close to my heart for many years now.
I won’t be rich in mamma’s eyes, but I will have a rich life.
That for me is my wish!

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech is given a Free


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Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross