Blog 6 – The Tree Of Life Tour

Blog 6
”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

The location is Afogados da Ingazeira

Water is life’s possibilities.
How do you create water, this problem is growing in the world and also in Brazil.

When clearcutting, the possibility of rain is slowly but surely stopped and when the water does not enrich the soil, it stops growing.
When it stops growing, the opportunity for food becomes less and less, so also for the wild animals that of course eat the fruits and plants that are to be harvested as the lands dry out and the irrigated land with vegetation becomes less and less.
Yes, no one wants this bike.

Instead of planting trees that absorb moisture from the soil and conserve water in the plant that also attracts rainwater in a functioning ecosystem.

This problem is currently taking place in Brazil, among others, where the drought is taking hold.
Clearcutting brings profits to a few people in the short-term cycle but damages the entire ecological balance not only in the locality, but the consequences show up in other areas as well. A problem that everything living on this planet depends on.

Is this difficult to understand, one might ask?

The problems in the world are probably the absolute power of bigger and bigger actors where the little person becomes less and less valuable.

This also applies to the environmental destruction where the visions are sadly always about Mammon where the green wrapping paper misleads us ordinary people who do not question.

Maybe it’s time that everything doesn’t have to generate more and more money, where the big profits only end up in the pockets of a few people on this planet.

Things can have a cost and instead generate life and security with examples such as ”values”.
planting in our desert areas, stop the clearing that causes the ecological pendulum to stop the possibility of life.
stop buying products where the ruthlessness towards mother earth and poor people is in the manufacturing process, etc
I the list is long!

It is perhaps also time to ban the big players from making money from the demolition of our environment.
This should be a matter of course as all life depends on a good environment!!!

It is not primarily the little person who is the problem, but those who set the table!

I do not have a DR degree in the subject but these are my reflections that I have summarized along my path.
If nothing else, it can start discussions about the problem, which is healthy and creative.

The days here in Afogados da Ingazeira are exciting. There has never been a foreign rocker in this town, so word spreads quickly. Last night we had a simple dinner in town. A simple, pleasant outdoor service with Brazilian pizza.
Suddenly a guy appeared who was a fireman and also played bass. His eyes were shining and his smile was wide. He couldn’t understand that this was possible that a former Hammerfall member was sitting there in his city deep in Brazil.

It didn’t take long before another musician appeared, and then another, and so on.
Now the table was more than full and others also came to be photographed with us.
Bengt Carlsson, who is the man behind this 30-year adventure that I got to go with this year, means that I can create a little extra attention with the music, which happens when people recognize or if nothing else like the music.
In this way, I can contribute with my share of knowledge and practice!

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech is given a Free


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Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross