Blog 9 – The Tree of Life Tour

Blog 9

”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

We have visited the very famous opera house in Manaus
Opera House – Criação de Sites e Lojas Virtuais
which is around the corner from our hotel at the moment. To make their voice heard, the idea is to collaborate with the indigenous people musically and do a concert at this particular opera house next year!
That is our plan and focus alongside grassroots work.

To be heard is to be seen and that gives the conservation of the Rainforests another voice!
Who knows, there might be a few more musicians joining us from Sweden!

The Opera House has roots from way back in time and holds a fantastic history within these walls.
And now we also want to write new history about the preservation of mother earth as a message through, among other things, culture.

Today’s facts:
It is said that a heat wave is now sweeping across the Amazon, perhaps the hottest in a very long time. Balding is definitely a reason in the Rainforests.
The water in the Amazon is starting to disappear at an alarming rate. Some parts can no longer be reached by boat.
Fires break out that are the worst in memory, so it happens a lot because of some people’s reckless ways of making money.
Mother earth is not some people’s earth but it is everyone’s earth!!!

For more info : []( /09/22/heat-wave-amazon-smoke/)

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech is given a Free World


For those interested in the following, Sweden Rock Magazine’s page is:


Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross