Blogg 14 ” The Life of Tree Tour ”

Blog 14.

”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

At 03.30 the plane took off in the middle of the night towards Brazilia, which is the capital of Brazil!
We had slept a few hours in the evening and a few hours on our 3 hour flight.


Now we have just landed and Bengt’s very close friend and extra son ”Raimundo” you could say. He was an exchange student in Sweden and lived with Bengt and his wife in Ödsmål for a year a long time ago.

Right now the clouds are in the sky and dampen the sun’s warm rays, which is a bit nice.
It will be a morning of coffee with breakfast and then some relaxation in the hotel room so you can pick up some energy before the evening’s solo bass concert!

After a couple of hours of sleep this morning it was time for a tour of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
60 years ago it was decided to move the capital from Rio De Janeiro and place it inland. So build a new city, a capital.
They built up a city from 0 and also made a huge artificial lake that is below the president / government building.
Yes, then there is money in a country.
The city was built in an area where almost no one lived, except for some agriculture.
The point is that you are a little far from where the large population that you represent is located.

After the pleasant trip, we clearly felt that the heat was only the first name 😅. Sweat sweat sweat.
But we’re on!
Today there was a short lire at a daycare center and at an outdoor cafe / bar.

We talked about our mission both for the children but also before I played my 1 hour solo bass concert outdoors.
Several parents also came with their children who went to the preschool that we visited earlier in the day.
Believe it or not, but when I threw my hair, 4 little girls about 6 years old came forward and threw their hair next to me!
So incredibly cute. Had to really sharpen myself when I melted like ice cream in the sunshine.

Spreading messages is done at all levels and to all ages. I like this.
Trying to illuminate and inspire with hope for the future is probably one of the most important things you can do today.

We had a wonderful bath in a lake about 1.5 hours drive outside Brazil where Raimundo will B gag his house, so beautiful.
We had a long wonderful talk about life for probably 1 hour in the warm water.

Tonight we flew on to Salvador!

I believe Peace is a Human Right. If you can’t find a Peaceful solution then it’s the wrong people round the table!!! That’s what I believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love, Peace & Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free World

Magnus Rosén

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