Glitter and Blood

Glitter and Blood!

To question is to shed light in order to locate oneself in order to make good choices in front of a beautiful bright world!!

It is easy to believe that

The powers of the world use the same tools but with different colors and costumes!

It is luxurious and glittering on the outside but built with the blood, sweat and tears of the people.

One of several common denominators of the figure of darkness who likes to dress in white where the people both fear and at the same time want a piece of the pie.

Bewitched in a spell of fear without morals or ethics.

Is power = democracy ???

In my world, it should be the people who are the power that pays for everything, that votes, works and toils! The people should be a democratic power unit that always works for society’s inhabitants and their best interests within the framework of human rights.

But as power is centralized more and more, the people get further and further away from the possibility of influencing the democratic process, so to speak.

Is there a theater of Power that makes people believe they are involved? Yes, you can ask yourself sometimes?!

In any case, objectivity shines mostly with its absence when it comes to news and information to the citizens of society!!!!

So who decides and dictates what is to be reported or hidden?

Just a question, is this how we want it???

If the answer is no, why is that anyway???

The powers of the world are, among other things,

* Governments without obvious transparency (classified as secret, investigations that are delayed, angled truths, etc.) aggressions against other parties, sometimes feel like a witch’s cauldron where the thirst for power takes place at any price! Isn’t it a collaboration that promotes the country’s inhabitants that should be approved? The question is whether everything is for the good of the people, or ??? 👀

* Religions abused by perfection of power. How have religions often spread? Is it through war, Witch burnings, threats, crucifixions and fear, etc.? I who always thought it was about love and caring for each other! On the outside of the religions, there are of course many nice people who help sincerely and spread love, but what does the inside look like in the core of power when the approach does not feel very loving!

* The war industry but its lobbyists who make people believe in solutions through death, threats 🥵 and balance of power, well that’s how it’s presented anyway! So not through reason, wisdom, wisdom, love and good knowledge for man, mother earth with animals and nature.

* Kingdoms, well why are the customer hides glittering and rich???

Could it be through theft, war, threats, fear, etc. that gives a perfection of power. Is it that the theater of life played out for us has made us believe in this structure?

* Mafia, well it speaks its own language with tentacles into gang formations, etc. Is it so or is it just a rumor?

* Underlying secret power structures and organizations in society’s associated curtains, etc

Yes, all this in any case has a common denominator, namely completeness of power!!!

The same scrap and grain but in different guises.

Who pays for all this?

Could it be that in the end it is the common man who works and toils in the belief in sincerity, morals and ethics?

That’s how it is and that’s probably how it’s always been when the dark souls 😈 decide and the light souls have been captivating in a powerlessness!

Its time to Rock the World 🌎 Again!!!! 🫶

New album with M.R.B

Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

Free Speech gives a Free world

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