Happy new Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024! 

Let the positive and hopeful forces characterize our new year. 

A year where everyone can feel that there are always opportunities, positivity, joy and love, and the light makes itself visible in the tunnel where many also find themselves in

 war and misery. 

The positive and constructive are just as contagious as fear and the negative. It is these bright good forces that should be prepared for. 

To give a hand where it is needed, instead of a push in the wrong direction. 

To illuminate and generously lift the good sides of friends, and to give support and a listening ear, instead of allowing the destructive to be justified by delusional thoughts and inability to see the way. 

A position with a good foundation to stand on with a colorful framework of care, respect and understanding. 

This will be my New Year’s resolution. 

Hugs Magnus.