Magnus Rosen in Manaus / Brazil – The Tree of Life Tour

I did a big comprehensive undressed interview where reflections, experience, anecdotes etc. became visible with Whiplash Brazil’s biggest Rock site!
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  • The Tree of Life tour – Salvador / Brazil when me and Bengt Carlsson – Ambassador
    because Cetra Brazil was there last fall.

For those who do not understand Portuguese, Google translate works
This is how the interview begins, translated into Swedish:

Swedish bassist Magnus Rosén (ex-HammerFall, Shadowside, Tony Martin’s Headless Cross, Jørn Lande) was in Brazil on a solo tour to promote not only his solo project (Magnus Rosén Band), but also one of his ecological projects, Tree of Life (Tree of Life). Very friendly, with a very soft voice and with typical Swedish calmness, Magnus made room in his busy schedule for this exclusive interview which, in addition to music, also ended up covering charity work and even politics.
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