The tree of life tour blog 3

Blog 3 
” The Tree of life tour ” 
With Green Cross for Sweden Rock Magazine:  

The morning was cool from the air conditioning machine that hangs just above the bed.
The sleep this first night was much needed, I promise.
After brushing the teeth, breakfast was on the table in the middle of the kitchen.
The windows were open so a nice breeze of warm air filled the room.
Freshly squeezed juice, fried egg and freshly baked bread.
I what more could you wish for.
The day had just begun and out there in the heat the day was waiting for us!

The bass was put in the car and so was my amplifier.
Today we were going to visit a little farm where you grow organically, even with solar panels, compost stations to extract biogas!
An invention Bengt and Mario worked on.
This station is in many places in Brazil now.
Also a water collection station where rainwater is taken care of.

They also had a common house which contained a large kitchen where people in the village gathered about 100 people for whom they prepared food.
Helping each other belongs to humanity, well at least here with the poorer ones.
Morality and thoughtfulness shine with their beautiful face catching up with the sun.

On this fine day, there was also some bass playing on the veranda, which was much appreciated.

We spent the evening in a restaurant next to a church in a large square down by a river.
The green arms of the trees could probably serve as shade during the day.
But now that the sun had set, the heat was just as perfect as it can be on some summer evenings.

The bass is included in the car and the question came up.
There was a troubadour playing beautiful calm Brazilian music.
How would this be perceived with a little more extreme bass playing. Even though I have a lot of experience, I can promise that I could not have predicted this.

I plugged into the vocal system, took out the hair band that was collecting the hair!
A toss of hair never hurts to draw attention!
That was also the case this evening.
Very successful with wonderful applause.

The next day!
The air conditioning went full blast in the car while the heat was scorching outside.
Father sun stood tall and fertilized mother earth and us humans with both D vitamins but also opportunities for electricity for solar panels.
As well as all other life where the sun’s rays cross the magical substances of life that are liquid and are called water 💧.

We are now on our way to a union where the bank and city representatives as well as professors growers and we who represent for
 ”The Tree of life tour”
Even representatives of the giant farms that use artificial fertilizers (which is a good business for those who sell this fertilizer) but you are beginning to understand the importance of the smaller organic agriculture that is free from artificial fertilizers.

Here, rainwater is collected with a cheap investment so that the water does not just evaporate away.
Then using, among other things, the water for micro-irrigation through hoses that water the vegetation in small, small places at each plant that mists the plant.
In other words, you don’t waste this magical substance of life that is spread with precision irrigation.

They also talk about agroforestry, where they make use of the trees’ protection from the sun, which can also burn and dry out the soil.
A farm in the forest under the trees.

Finally, man is beginning to understand the importance of cooperating with mother earth and the excellence of agriculture.
A big step in a healthy direction towards the future that is the opposite of megacities, centralized agriculture that requires environmentally demanding transport, the annihilation of the small communities that at the same time enforce a concentration of power over man, animals and nature.

But now finally sound wise studies are starting to show the way for a sustainable world 🌎 where the cycle takes place already in the place where you use and see the importance of locally grown living.

It gives quality to the products that stay outside the genetically engineered vitamin-poor crops. As well as staying out of the artificial fertilization that requires fossil measures in the production that large-scale agriculture requires.

We have to open those beautiful eyes and question and at the same time be aware of what is happening in our world. Not everything is as it is presented.

In this very interesting context, culture was also offered in the form of healthy bass playing!
A nice framing of the day that created a good feeling mixed with hope, healthy visions for a healthy future.

In the afternoon we visited Mario’s wife’s sewing shop! (Mario has been one of the cornerstones together with Bengt Carlsson for 30 years in ”The Tree of Life tour” where more are also involved, but this will come to light after our adventure rolls on)
Never played in such a store.

As I play for people, I answered yes to the question of drawing a bass there, to the great surprise and curiosity of the customers.
For me, there are no bad places to perform music, but there are ordinary and different places, which means that a twinkle in the eye can never hurt.

Personally, I don’t need a gold platter to make music on or to be confirmed through, but I play with love peace understanding in front of rich, poor, ordinary or unusual, the common denominator is brothers and sisters on mother earth where we all live and have different conditions.


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