The Tree Of Life Tour in Amazonas

Blog 11

”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

The Amazonian morning was warm where the heat caressed so gently at the breakfast table.
What was served was fruit of various kinds, juices, coffee, some bread but also omelette.

This night I didn’t sleep very well for some reason, there was nothing wrong with the room nor the air conditioning which gave cool air.
Perhaps it was the soul of the Amazon rainforest that visited the stranger this night.
I don’t feel tired but it might come a little later in the day.

Now the Rainforests await us with their waterfalls and wonderful vegetation.

Made a stop at a girl named Rosangela! here in the Amazon.
Her dishes were from the deep jungle.
She talked about the western man who came and took their land.
Stories about their traib (tribe) as both deep in the jungle, where in the past they also ate people.
You might think it was the enemy you ate.
Her story felt magical and spiritual.
There are still civilizations in the Amazon rainforest that have no contact with the world we live in.
Before we left there, we brought some beautiful natural necklaces that she had made.

The day has now become very hot 😅.

We rolled on from her studio / workshop / residence to a paradise inside the jungle with water passages and caves.
Listen, we filmed for quite a while with bass playing in all sorts of places. The film crew used stationary and moving cameras but also drones.
The heat inside the jungle was now immense so I next ran down the rock ledges by the stream that meandered through nature.
So beautiful but also so warm.

Our music video / documentary:
We have now also had time for several interviews that will be included in our film of approx. 9-12 minutes.
Die both tears and laughter tell of the vulnerability of the Amazon.

We want to bring the reality of the jungle and those who live around it.
Their words about dreams, visions and faith in the future!
This is our way of carrying the voice of these people forward.

Just now Global TV appeared out of nowhere it seemed. The believer was someone in the film team who contacts them. With Brazilian TV, our message will be brought forward, which is gratifying.

Shouldn’t belabor it, but it feels like people both hear and recognize there because of my past. Something that I absolutely did not expect at all.
This means that there will be some photos with 🤘other people everywhere during the day, which feels a bit fun. Am so surprised that they remember me in the buzz of bands and musicians.

The incredibly hot day took us further to a place where I would be hoisted up into a very tall tree to take some scenes. ”
A way to call attention”
Yes, we were here for hours. Climbing trees, the guys didn’t get the hanging equipment, which slowly but surely started to feel a bit difficult.
Yes, you don’t want to fall down or get stuck up there due to ignorance or bad equipment.

But so far we had hope and trust.
In the meantime we took a bath which was wonderful, a bit cold which was really needed while we waited for all the rope harnesses etc to be ready.
They say that if you bathe in the Amazon jungles, the inside is also cleansed of dark spiritual beings.

In the end it was still time to hang me.
Now the sun began to slowly set, which also attracted the mosquitoes. This did not feel very comfortable, even if you take malaria tablets.
Finally I had the harnesses on, the ropes were connected so now it was time.
”But” here I was sitting in the middle of lots of plants, palm leaves, tree trunks, etc. Yes, they simply didn’t get me. Time passed further and the shadows began to grow long due to the low position of the sun. After I had sat there half a meter superior, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. They haven’t got things sorted until now after several hours. how safe this feels, I thought.

Finally, we said, enough is enough! phuuuuuuuu 😅 I thought. Hanging high up in a tree in the Amazon with people who didn’t really know what they were doing, hm, maybe it didn’t feel very safe.
So we blew everything off for this day.
A sensible decision, we thought.

Now we are on our way through the darkness to Manaus, where we have booked a couple of hotel nights.
Sleep well is just the first name after this long and very hot day of filming.

Monday morning!
At 06.10 radio p4 called for an interview, a little tired but happy I (we) had a small conversation before the pillow was waiting to welcome me.

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech is given a Free World


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