The Tree of Life Tour in Brazil

Blog 5

”The Tree Of Life Tour” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine.

Yesterday was a day off!
Today the clock already rang at 04.45.
The bag was packed except for the toothbrush.
A quarter of an hour later we were in the car towards Fortuleza.
A trip of about 4 hours.
A meeting at 09.00 including some healthy bass playing 😉 then the airport awaits and a flight of about an hour to Recife, which lies to the south. There we take a bus about 6 hours to Afogados Ingazeira arriving sometime in the night.

The summation from Sobral is wonderful freshly squeezed juice, big class differences and interesting visits where you get to see both the water collectors, the compost stations and their function in real life.

The performances have been very appreciated, which is a little extra fun as I get to rely on myself as a one-man band with a solo bass performance. Has comp in the computer which works perfectly.

Now sitting in the front seat of a city Jeep and the sun is just beginning to appear in the sky. A few thin clouds remain since the night.
In our direction, a cloudless sunny travel day lies ahead.

Some destinations are still in doubt, for example in Manaus where neither hotel nor timetable is clear despite inquiries. An adventure does not mean that everything is like a set table.
But some considerations take place with the question
Everything should be ready-planned, one might think.
So we are sorting this out via e-mail and phone, somewhat slow work. But we have set a deadline on this before we resort to the tools of improvisation and create new conditions. The most important thing when this happens is to take it with a smile and curiosity.

Being curious sets a positive mark instead of fear, this probably applies to everything in life.
Nothing is 100% as life is unpredictable.
Everything that comes in one’s way, positive or negative, creates an opportunity for development, understanding and life experience. If you have the opportunity and your senses to see it that way vs.
Fear locks and imprisons the senses, but curiosity does not. So how do we want to live? Thinking about our time that loves to feed us with fear when you think about news in most media.
What do minds that are afraid look like?
And what do minds that are curious look like?
2 completely different perspectives based on the same starting point.

Development or stagnation!
Accommodating or aloof.
Locked problem or problem solver?

Yes, today people often rule with fear as a tool instead of healthy healthy visions for people.
Man is the society where a culture should influence love, morality and ethics instead of the worship and justification of Mammon’s prison.

Yes, thoughts come and go along the road’s various surroundings that inspire in different ways.
Everything you encounter creates emotions and sometimes new paths of thought if you are flexible in your thinking.
Dynamics probably provide good conditions for seeing from different perspectives. A way to dial in and set the focus on a whole where there are many viewing platforms.

Dax to continue the day with a cup at 10,000 meters altitude.

I believe human rights is Peace. if you cant find a peace solution then its wrong people round the table!!! Thats what i believe!!!

Make the world a better place 🌍
Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech is given a Free


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Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross